Emily’s classroom, 2018-2019

Emily’s classroom, 2018-2019

What people are saying about the kids yoga mentorship program:

"Emily has been an invaluable resource to me as a mentor for teaching yoga to school-age children. As a seasoned Baltimore children's Yoga Teacher, Emily was able to connect me to a local program in need of a similar teacher. Throughout the process, she was available for meeting or communicating via email with protocol that kept things clear all along. 

I am perhaps most grateful for the one-on-one meetings and the time she observed me teaching to pow-wow afterwards because she is able to give such direct feedback! With organized note-taking skills, we worked on a joint Google doc to keep our thoughts about my classes and plans together - this is something I will always have and cherish, referencing for some time to come. 

Absolutely, 100%, seek Emily's mentorship if you are also looking to expand your resourcing and network as a children's yoga instructor." - Jessica Crutchfield

what people are saying about “Land your dream job teaching yoga in schools” online course:

"Honestly, I have been so scattered on how to make this happen, and with your course I'm seeing the light. Can't thank you enough! AND looking forward to continuing to work with you." -Laurie Egrie

“This course has been a life changer. The content gave me the space to reflect and dig deep into my own vision and has truly paved the way for next endeavors. Emily is supportive, considerate and despite being miles apart, truly present for each course. I learned a lot about the field and concrete steps to make yoga in schools happen. It was a gift to spend time with a group of individuals who all share a similar vision. Thank you Emily for bringing us together and showing me the potential.” -Danielle Pramick

“I was inspired by Emily’s realistic and accessible approach to teaching yoga in schools. I trusted the methodology since she broke the course down into the steps she took to earn the teaching position she hoped for.” -Kelly Kaso